Laurie Nash
Bio: Laurie Nash enters her 17th season at Sacramento City College as the Head Coach of the Panthers. While leading SCC, Coach Nash has compiled a 294-131 overall record (through the 2015 season) with 11 regional playoff appearances representing the Big 8 Conference.
My coaching philosophy is not a philosophy; it is who I am on a daily basis. Who I am as a coach is reflected in how I live my life within my work environment, with my family and friends, and how I meet daily challenges; with energy and purpose. I am a teacher and a coach and I view my role as a leader and my hope is to make a positive difference in your life. I care about each and every one of you and will prove that daily with respect to how I speak to you, listen to you, and challenge you to be the best that you can be. You can have complete trust in me that I will always try and make the right decision and will never sacrifice reputation or character for wins.
My favorite quote is “You cannot lead others to places you will not go yourself”